Tim is a graduate of Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, 1984-87, and a former apprentice to John Leach. He took part in an International workshop in Tokoname, Japan, one of the seven ancient kiln sites of Japan. While in Japan he built many different types of wood-firing kilns, and was inspired on his return to England to build a anagama kiln to produce wood-fired salt-glazed pottery.
Tim recounts that while at Camberwell he used to collect shards of German and English saltglaze pottery from the banks of the River Thames, handles, rims, and necks of bottles, all of which described part of the act of making and the firing process involved. These finds are what drew him to salt-glaze and ultimately to wood-firing.
Tim says of his work, there is a fine line between the pot which is a waster and the one, that has integral beauty. Wood-firing with its unpredictability often presents this dilemma. The pots that speak to us, tell of the extreme conditions of the firing and the beauty that is a product of this trial by fire.

Large Oval Bottle with Lugs
Salt-glazed stoneware. Wood fired on shells. In this large and superb bottle by Tim one can see references that go back to the Bellemine shards picked up on the banks of the River Thames. A quality wood-fired and saltglazed piece. Impressed potter's personal mark to the base fixing point of one of the lug handles.

Size, h.31.5cms Ø.18.0.cms
Ref: TH010
Price: £165.00

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Small Bottle, ash and salt glazed stoneware. Wood-fired on shells.


Size, h. 12cms Ø. 10.cms
Ref: TH2

Large Oval Flagon:
Ash and salt glazed stoneware. Wood-fired on shells.

Size, h.26.5cms. Ø.17.0cms
Ref: TH020
Price: £95.00

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Oval Flask with Lugs, ash-glazed and fired upright on a shell, wood-fired stoneware.

Size, h.16.5cms. w. 13.cms d. 11cms
Ref: TH4